Leader in Marine Construction, our oregon coast shipyard has been building quality vessels for over 40 years.  We have everything you need to customize a vessel for your needs.  Our vessels are some of the most well known in the Pacific Coast Marine Industry.  This world renowned boat yard has a huge inventory of parts and supplies.

Leader in Marine Construction, we have been building high quality vessels for over 40 years.  We have everything you need to customize a vessel for your needs.  Our vessels are some of the most well known in the Pacific Coast Marine Industry.

The Famous 58's


This popular Vessel, designed by Fred Wahl Marine has been a huge hit in the Commercial Fishing Industry.  A sharp, eye catching style, this vessel is the top of its class.  We started out with the 58'x26', however demanding regulation called for some changes.  We now have 58'x26, 58'x22.5' and our latest design, the 58'x28'.  These vessels are able to take on some of the harshest ocean conditions.


We have the perfect facility to take on a large project like a Tugboat.  With large space and our fully equipped facilities, we are able to build or repair very large vessels like a tugboat.   Our craftsmanship is on a new level. With all work in-house, we can give you a quality and affordable Vessel, designed to fit your needs.



Our facility has everything you need to repair or rebuild your vessel.

Our 685 ton boat hoist can haul out vessels up to 160' in length and up to 40' wide.

Repair services include:
-Mid bodies
-Major conversions
-Maintenance and repairs


Tanana - 72'x30'
Millie Cruz - 92'x36'
Dana Cruz - 92'x36'
Yukon - 72'x30'
Cross Point - 68'x31'
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Fishing Vessels

F/V Stacey Jo - 47'x20'
F/V Winter Bay - 58'x28'
F/V Insatiable - 58"x28'
F/V Oracle - 58'x28'
F/V Vigilant - 58'x22.5'
F/V Isle Dominator - 58'x26'
F/V Loui M - 58'x22.5'
F/V Victory - 114'x31'
F/V Magnus Martens - 58'x26'
F/V Afognak Strait - 58'x26'
F/V Aqua Leo - 45'x18'
F/V Kaia - 58'x26'
F/V Saint Peter - 58'x26'
F/V Alaskan Star - 58'x26'
F/V Robert Magnus - 58'x26'
F/V Scout - 48'x18'
F/V Icy Mist - 58'x26'
F/V Cascade - 48'x18'
F/V Intrepid - 58'x26' Shallow Hull
F/V Carol N Rose - 63'x23'
F/V Saint Paul - 58'x26'
F/V Alaskan Dream - 58'x26'
F/V Arctic Fox - 58'x26'
F/V Northern Endurance - 72'x28'
F/V Equinox - 50'x20'
F/V Renard - 50'x20'
F/V Kodiak Isle - 58'x23'
F/V Caroleigh - 78'x20'
F/V Controller Bay - 90'x30'
F/V Alpine Cove - 76'x30'
F/V Shemya - 59'x28'
F/V Ossian - 85'x26'
F/V Sandra Five - 113'x31'
F/V Vixen - 98'x27'
F/V Shuyak - 58'x23'
F/V Emily Nicole - 58'x22'
F/V Tradition - 58'x20'
F/V St. Patrick - 58'x20'
F/V Lisa Gayle - 53'x19'
F/V Cindria Gene - 58'x18'
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