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F/V Winona J

This vessel has undergone extensive repairs including sponson, mid-body, and other necessary repairs. Our team of experts ensured that the repairs were done to the highest standards to ensure the vessel's safety and longevity.


F/V Dauntless

Following a fire that caused considerable damage, the owner of this vessel opted to change its name and enlisted our services to perform a sponson, resulting in a new size of 86.2' x 29.6ft. Our team worked tirelessly to fix all the damages and bring this vessel back to its glory.

Screenshot 2020-01-06 16.26.04.png

F/V Progress

The vessel arrived at our facility with significant damage caused by a 30' or 40' wave. Evening Star Fisheries opted to have the vessel undergo major modifications, including a 5' sponson, a larger pilothouse, and a 15' lengthening, resulting in a 131' x 41.5' trawler.


R/V Resolution

This research vessel has undergone a significant upgrade with the addition of a new sponson. As a result, the vessel's size has increased from 95' x 26' to 95' x 36', providing ample space for equipment and personnel. This enhancement will enable us to conduct more extensive and sophisticated research expeditions.


F/V Miss Berdie

This fishing vessel has undergone a significant transformation at our facility. Originally measuring 77' x 27.8, we performed a sponson on the vessel, resulting in an impressive increase in size to 80.6' x 39'. The vessel is now bigger and better than ever before.


F/V Ruff & Reddy

This fishing vessel underwent a significant transformation during its time at our facility. Originally measuring 89.4 x 22.4', it now boasts an impressive size of 89.9' x 30'. We are proud to have played a role in this vessel's evolution and look forward to continuing to provide top-notch services to our clients.

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