Delivered in 2007
Vessel Type: Shallow draft river push tug - Triple screw with tunnels.
Tug Yukon - Designed by Fred Wahl Marine Construction, Inc. - Boat Building by Fred Wahl Marine Construction, Inc. on the West Coast

Designer: Entech & Associates, Inc.

Builder: Fred Wahl Marine Construction, Inc

Construction Material: Steel

Length: 72'-0"
Breadth: 30'-0"
Draft: 3'-6"

Fuel: 6,000 gal.
Lube Oil:  100 gal
Waste Oil: 100 gal
Fresh Water: 1,000 gal.

Main Engine: (3) Lugger 6140AL2 @ 500hp
Reduction Gear: (3) Twin Disc MG5202SC - 2.48:1
Propeller: 5 - blade, Stainless Steel
Auxiliary: - 55kw Northern Lights

Steering: Hydraulic system by FWMC, Includes 2 Separate systems. (3) Main rudders and (3) Flanking Rudders.
Potable Water: Hutchison Hayes Centrifuge
Sewage System: Owens Model B, Type II


(1ea) 2 man stateroom.
(4ea) 1 man stateroom.
Captains stateroom.
(2ea) Heads with showers.
Recreation room.
Galley with mess area.

Deck Gear:

(2ea) Nabrico electric barge winches.
(1ea) Nabrico hand winch.
Boom with winch aft or skiff.